Cannabis Cosmetics: Estée Lauder Launches Cannabis-Infused Products

Cosmetics, most notably cannabidiol-infused and hemp seed oil beauty products, are a fast growing product category in the cannabis industry. Now, cosmetic giant Estée Lauder has become one of the biggest ...   Read more
Bank of Montreal

First Major Canadian Bank Steps into Cannabis Industry

For years, and in spite of the country’s progress down the path of cannabis legalization, Canada has kept its nose clean of the blooming cannabis industry. This year, however, Canada’s largest financia...   Read more
Cannabis and alcohol

Big Alcohol Makes Big Moves into Cannabis Space

At the outset of 2017, a major runaway concern amongst Big Alcohol companies and enterprises was the impact cannabis legalization would have on business. After all, with a debatably safer way to unwind and...   Read more
Cannabis and banking

Cannabis and Banking: The Standoff Continues

The cannabis industry continues to skyrocket, while increasing numbers of U.S. States eliminate the prohibitive legislature that holds the public back from this popular herb; and that holds States’ coffe...   Read more
coca-cola enters cannabis market

Coca-Cola Eyeballs the Cannabis Market

It’s the world’s largest beverage company, one of the most recognizable brands globally, and one that needs absolutely no introduction: Coca-Cola. Now, according to Canadian cannabis producer Aurora...   Read more
Congree votes on cannabis

Congress Approves the Medical Cannabis Research Act

On Thursday September 13th 2018, the U.S. House panel that oversees federal drug enforcement efforts approved a bill that urges Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his Department of Justice to issue more l...   Read more
Cannabis prohibition USA

What will the U.S. Look Like When Cannabis Prohibition Finally Ends?

To date, cannabis has been legalized for medical use (in some form) in 30 U.S. states, while recreational adult use cannabis is legal in nine states and the District of Columbia. Yet, in spite of the indus...   Read more
Medical cannabis research

Researchers at UCLA will Conduct Clinical Studies on Cannabis Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons Americans turn to cannabis is for the management of chronic pain, whether it’s from migraines, arthritis, cancer therapy, multiple sclerosis, old injuries, or any of a wide...   Read more
cannabis room service

CBD-Infused Products Appear in Hotels and Restaurants Across the U.S.

Imagine settling in to your hotel room and being able to order a cannabidiol (CBD) laced cocktail or snack off the room service menu? Or how about a special CBD lotion to help melt away the stress of the d...   Read more
Canadian cannabis giants

Three Canadian Cannabis Giants in the News This Week

As summer comes to an end and harvest season begins, the cannabis sector has gone into rally mode. In particular, the three Canadian cannabis giants – Aurora, Aphria, and Cronos - have continued to boldl...   Read more