Cannabis banking crisis

State Officials Push for Federal Protection for Cannabis Banking Institutions

As the cannabis banking issue continues to remain a non-priority for Congress, state-legal businesses within the industry sit on millions of dollars in cash. This has caused a slew of related problems, inc...   Read more
Hemp farming USA

The History of Cannabis Sativa in the U.S.

To understand the history of hemp in the United States is to understand the history of the Cannabis Sativa plant as a species. Little was understood of the scientific difference between the two varieties o...   Read more
California cannabis banks

California Decides Against Plans to Establish State-Chartered Cannabis Banks

On Thursday, August 16th, California lawmakers decided against a proposal that would have permitted private financial institutions to do business with legal, licensed cannabis operators in the state. The b...   Read more
Industrial hemp farm

Hemp and Cannabis Chemistry, Appearance, and Applications, PART 2

Hemp and cannabis are different varieties of the same species of plant and are both identified in the scientific lexicon as Cannabis Sativa. The evolution of their different attributes has largely been enc...   Read more
United Nations logo

UN Launches In-depth Review for the Possible Rescheduling of Cannabis

For the first time, the United Nations (UN) is considering rescheduling the Cannabis Sativa plant from its current Schedule 1 status. To do this, the intergovernmental organization will be launching a comp...   Read more
Hemp plant

Understanding the Differences Between Hemp and Cannabis, PART 1

Part 1: Scientific and Legal Definitions Thanks to nearly 80 years of federal prohibition, public understanding of the Cannabis Sativa plant has been limited to misinformation, misinterpretations, and mis...   Read more
cannabis business license

Here’s why California’s cannabis operators need both state and local cannabis licenses

“If cannabis is legal in my state and if state licenses for operating cannabis businesses are available, why do I need to apply for a local license?” It’s a common question asked by cannabis opera...   Read more
CBD and cancer treatment

Chemotherapy and CBD Improves Survival Rates in Mice with Pancreatic Cancer

A recent UK study funded by the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and published in the journal Oncogene, showed that sick mice being treated with both chemotherapy and CBD survived two to three times longer ...   Read more
Shoppers drug mart cannabis

Canadian Giants Join Forces to Bring Medical Insurance Coverage to Cannabis Patients

Since the legal market’s inception, a lack of basic financial services such as banking, insurance, and investment has cause cannabis operators across the country incessant headaches. These range from the...   Read more
Cannabis business banking 3

Some Federal Funding Available for Canada’s Cannabis Farmers

According to a recent report by Forbes, Canada’s federal government has decided to extend many of the same subsidies and programs that it offers traditional food farmers to cannabis cultivators (for both...   Read more