Kate Wildrick

Kate Wildrick is powerfully dedicated to find and foster the space where human passion and innovation come together. She masterfully designs systems, processes and environments to help leaders and teams thrive in ever evolving times of change. She naturally cultivates and develops resilient organizations to attract and retain passionate supporters and helpful resources using her practical and intuitive nature. As a whole systems thinker, creator and builder, she is knowledgeable and gifted in the following areas:

  • Competency Mapping
    • Community Sourced and Inspired Innovation
    • Corporate Responsibility and Social Impact
    • Diversity and Inclusion
  •  Leadership and Team Development
  • Organizational Branding
  • Organizational Values
  • Workforce Development

WORK EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Ms. Wildrick co-founded the Ingenuity Innovation Center, one of Oregon’s first Benefit Companies to develop community-based sustainable solutions that are shared using an open-source platform. Wildrick and her partner/husband discovered what it takes to create a “power-with” versus “power-over” ecosystem. They cultivated systems, technologies, and governance to allow the community to thrive. Upon the founding of this center in 2012, she and her team began building aquaponic systems and learned how to refine and scale this growing technique. Their work led them to host top global aquaponic experts at conferences at their center and throughout Oregon. Their passion and interest eventually led them to serve as Strategic and Technical Advisors to the Aquaponics Association. Previously, Ms. Wildrick served in the corporate world as a Human Capital and Organizational Development Specialist. She held strategic positions in a variety of small and large company environments, including high tech, business services, food processing and hospitality in both union and non-union settings. Ms. Wildrick owned and operated a small town until 2009 (Service Creek, Oregon, Population 2). Ms. Wildrick is best known in the corporate world for her work in generational values and consulting on wholistic strategic workforce planning and talent development methodologies and best practices. Her innovative work led to co-developing a comprehensive model adopted by the State of Delaware and implemented through 20 different state agencies. In addition, she was a frequent keynote and guest speaker at world class conferences and symposiums on diversity, generational and workforce issues facing many public, private and non profit sectors.

Ms. Wildrick’s next chapter focuses on bringing the generations together from all backgrounds to connect, share and collaborate on building new business models and solutions to help make the world a better place for current and future generations to come.